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Glass & Mirror Services in Brampton ON
Glass and Mirror in Brampton Ontario
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Glass & Mirror Services in Brampton ON

Rana Glass & Mirror excels as a company delivering top quality glass & mirror services in Brampton ON, perfectly blending usefulness with beauty. Built on a foundation of accuracy, trustworthiness, and aesthetic appeal, we’ve been giving our custom glass creations an ideal makeover. We acknowledge your challenges—like wanting that just-right custom fit that takes your space to the next level or needing fast, dependable delivery. That’s why our services are beyond the basics; we provide everything from sleek glass partitions and calming shower enclosures to bespoke mirrors and chic glass railings to boost the charm and functionality of your spaces. 

Our commitment shines through in our modern production techniques and special delivery trucks, ensuring the best and lasting results. We bring your dreams to life, piece by beautifully crafted piece. Make the first move toward a breathtaking transformation, as your vision is just a conversation away from becoming a reality.


Our Mission

To transform spaces with premium glass & mirror services in Brampton ON and blend artistry and accuracy to redefine elegance and usability in every home and business.


Our Vision

We aim to be the reliable choice for the best glass and mirror in Brampton Ontario, bringing dreams to life with top skills, forward-thinking, and a dedication to surpassing expectations.

Best Glass & Mirror Services in Brampton

Innovative Solutions for Your Glass & Mirror Needs

Our glass & mirror services in Brampton ON, involve the usage of the most modern techniques and up-to-date practices to solve all your glass and mirror challenges.

With tools like edgers and drills with diamond tips, we guarantee every item we produce is of the utmost quality and elegance.

Crystal Clear Makeovers With Our Glass & Mirror Services in ON

We deliver exceptional glass & mirror services through a step-by-step process that guarantees your complete satisfaction:

We guarantee that every step adds to creating a beautiful space that feels truly yours.

Glass & Mirror Services
Our Services

What We Offer

Glass & Mirrors

Transform your living or work space with our glass & mirror services in Brampton ON. Our products bring more light and a feeling of openness, making any room look and feel bigger and brighter.

Glass Partition

Improve the look of your office or home with a glass partition. It's a sleek way to divide spaces without losing the open-concept feel. Perfect for creating quiet, private areas without sacrificing natural light.

Shower Enclosure

Schedule our shower enclosure services and step into your own personal spa. Our enclosures combine sophistication with feasibility, making your bathroom a retreat of relaxation and style.


Our mirror services in Brampton, ON, help every room make a statement besides showing your reflection. Custom-designed and cut with accuracy, mirrors enhance the visuals and feel of your space.


Add a touch of modern charm to your stairs or balcony with glass railings. Our railings offer security and durability while maintaining an unobstructed view, blending safety with sophistication.

Window Glass

Upgrade your home's appearance and efficiency with our high-quality window glass. Our window glass solutions are practical and beautiful, from reducing energy costs to improving outdoor views.

Glass Door

Welcome the natural light into your interiors with our beautifully crafted glass doors. Our glass door services in Brampton, ON, improve your interior spaces by providing an extremely cozier feel.

Glass Railing

Our glass railings are ideal for versatile applications, offering a sleek look while ensuring safety. Glass railings allow for clear views and natural light, transforming any space into an open, airy environment.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you need a mirror shaped like a circle for your hallway or a bespoke glass top for your unique coffee table, we have the tools and expertise to cut glass and mirrors to fit your specifications.

For mirrors, use a solution of vinegar and water to avoid streaks. Besides, a simple glass cleaner and a soft, lint-free cloth should do the trick for glass. Avoid abrasive cleaners that can scratch the surface.

Yes, our glass railings are safe as we install them correctly. Our railings are made of high-quality glass, can withstand impact, and provide a barrier without compromising style or obstructing views.

Regular cleaning with glass cleaner to remove fingerprints and smudges is all that’s needed to keep them looking great. To remove dirt and debris, more frequent cleaning may be necessary for outdoor railings.

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Time-Sensitive Delivery

Witnessing delays is the least desirable thing. We promise on-time delivery with our specialized vehicles, ensuring your project stays on schedule. No more waiting, just timely, reliable service.

why choose us
Streamlined Integration

Our glass and mirror products complement your existing decor without any detraction. We ensure a harmonious blend that complements your indoor environment.

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